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Workshop 'Art of the Warrior'

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'Art of the Warrior'

it all about?

The art
of the warrior is a journey which leads us directly to ourselves. Hidden
potentials and qualities emerge and can thus lead to profound changes in
everyday life.

the workshop the balance of the inner parts is re-established – left and right,
male and female, back and front, above and below, body, mind and soul.

The workshop is suitable both for men and women. Both male and female poles
within ourselves are defined and strenghtened, so that in everyday life
situations the most appropriate aspect is used.

workshop develops out of the moment. The three corner stones of this seminar
consist of: the topic of the workshop – the energy of the place – the energy of
the group.

Depending on the factors the content of the workshop evolves. Exercises may be
changed spontaneously in a way to immerse us even deeper in the energy quality
provided by the group and the land at that specific moment.

nothing – be ready for anything.

exercises and encounters of the workshop express themselves through specific
external forms while activating deep internal movements:

contents of the workshop

? Tai-Chi 'Bird's
tail form' – a moving meditation – opening up our whole system

? Meridian stretching
exercises and rune exercises to activate
both body and energy fields and to loosen blockages and tension

? Sword techniques
with the bokken (Japanese wooden sword), based on Aiki-Ken, Ken- Jitsu and
Iaido. Individual exercises, exercises in pairs and groups, in which we are
shown different aspects of ourselves:

Recognizing my own space, inhabiting it
clearly and neutrally

How to come in open, direct contact with
other people without masks and games of 'hide


Wielding the sword from within the
energy connection between sky and earth instead of

movement controlled by the mind

? KI- and

? Breathing, voice
and movement

? Complete
31-step-form with the Jo (wooden staff)

on the inside

In the
exercises we come in contact with the three aspects of the Art of the Warrior:
aggression – creativity - healing


is a neutral elementary force. Without it, no child could be born, no step
could be made. However we usually equalize aggression with aggressive
behaviour. And thus we forbid ourselves to accept aggression and to feel it
within ourselves. This can lead to the aggression becoming

and exploding uncontrolled – e.g. through rage attacks – or imploding – e.g. we
develop symptoms of diseases.

In the workshop we will get in contact with our own aggression, in neutral
openness, and thus we can experience how powerful it is, when we accept and
control aggression instead of letting aggression control us.


world looks different through the eyes of a child. Things that can appear
insignificant to grown up's can be an overwhelming discovery to a child.

This childlike openness and curiosity – free from unnecessary rules and
restraints – allows our creativity to come to the surface and express itself.

In this
workshop we immerse into this state by playful exercises and thus experiencing
our full creativity.


arts and the healing arts are two sides of the same coin. Therefore knowledge
and experience about healing is also part of the Art of the Warrior. By
exploring and rediscovering all of our parts during the workshop we can become
whole and thus safe and complete again. Additionally through easy, yet profound
exercises we experience how simple healing on all levels can be – and that the
possibility for healing on all levels lies within ourselves.


Grunick and Renata Mierzejewska

born in 1963, BA in English and music, certified in music and sound therapy,
breathing and body therapy.

Over 30
years experience in martial arts and energy work (Aikido, Iaido, Ken-Jutsu).
Along his personal path and studies he developed his own specific form of
energy training, which at first he called K.I. (Ko?rper-Intelligenz = Body
Intelligence). Later on he and his wife Renata developed it further into Q.I.
(Quantum Intelligence).

born in 1974, naturopath, breath therapist, femininity researcher.

journeys to the desert, femininity workshops, joint work and workshops with her
husband Karl since 2008.

Karl and
Renata open up spaces in which we can encounter ourselves – and all the parts
we are made of.

On the
outside these spaces form the workshops,

? in which our mind
learns about connections between our consciousness, our body, mind,

soul; about particles, quantum waves and energy.

? in which we do
exercises: on our own, in pairs, in small groups and playfully explore

consciousness, inner posture, perception, impulses, intuition and sensation.

? in which we
exchange our thoughts and thus sort and integrate all different parts of


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